Salcura Antiac range review

I have been testing out some products that we were sent by Salcura Skincare. Salcura products contain natural ingredients such as sea buckthorn, manuka, sandlewood oil, tea tree and rosemary and are targeted at skincare problems such as Acne.

I've been trying out a few products from their Antiac range, which is made up of ACTIV and DAILY products. Although I don't suffer specifically from Acne, I do suffer from occasional breakouts and the products arrived at just the right time!

First in my routine was the Antiac DAILY Face Wash. This is recommended for regular use to maintian clear skin and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Just use a splash of water and massage the face wash in and rinse off. It doesn't foam and massages in easily without leaving a tightening feel afterwards. I couldn't put my finger on what the scent reminded me of at first but I think it almost has a tea tree oil scent and smells quite natural - All of the products that I tried have a similar scent.

After washing my face, I used the Antiac ACTIV Liquid Spray (Voted best acne product on Channel 4 TV documentary, 'Embarrassing Bodies'), almost acting like a 'toner' step to my routine. When I first started using this, I applied it over a wide area (which it is recommended for as well as targeted areas) but perhaps because I don't have Acne but instead, occasional breakouts, I found it a little drying so switched to using it on just the specific breakout areas. The slight drying could also have been down to the cold weather and central heating etc. as it seemed to be ok on just the targeted areas. Instead of spraying a cotton wool pad, I sprayed it on my finger and rubbed it in over the breakout area, which worked well. I then followed this with the...

Antiac ACTIV Gel Serum, which claims to work by targeting stubborn spots, whiteheads and blackheads, with visible results in as little as Four hours. I have to say, I think it does actually start treating the spot quite quickly - I had a couple of angry, sore breakouts that had definitely calmed down a bit well within four hours. It's a handy size to also take out and about with you if you feel the need to reapply during the day. I reapplied a few times throughout the day if I was having a make up free day and it seemed to speed the healing process up even more.

Also great for on the go, are the Antiac DAILY Face Wipes. I also think these would be good to take to festivals and to use on areas like your back to maintain clear skin.

The products I tried out range from £6.99-£9.99, so are very affordable. If you suffer from Acne or breakouts and would like to try effective but affordable products that are free from parabens and not tested on animals, Salcura offer free samples and they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the products.

If you are interested in seeing other's results from trying out Salcura products then you can search the hashtag #SpotTheDifference over on Twitter.



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