2013 Beauty Favourites

Happy New Year!

I'm going to write a brief bit about my 2013 Beauty Favourites as i will (WILL) get round to reviewing them all fully, sooner rather than later.

Retinol Reface - As you can see, I've become a bit of an Indeed Labs fiend this year. I love Retinol Reface, you notice a difference as soon as you apply - it's an all round brightner, and I think it's now a 'can't live without' product for me.

Hydraluron - Ditto, Hydraluron. I'll never be without this. It makes such a difference in helping to keep your skin moisturised and reduce the appearance of any dehydration lines that you might have.

Effaclar Duo - I think this is a must for everyone. Great for coming to the rescue for those times that you least want a breakout. Actually, when does anybody ever want a breakout? You get my drift, though...

Eysilix - The best eye cream I've tried, to date. This really does reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold - I used this last year as well, and again, think it's a 'can't live without' product. When used regularly, it helps to keep your skin clear and gives your skin a a really nice glow. I recently bought this set from Look Fantastic, which was a ridiculous bargain at £29.75 for the whole set - cheaper than Alpha-H Liquid Gold, alone.

Pixi Glow Tonic - I use this on the days that I'm not using Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I say use - I've recently ran out and have noticed a difference to my skin without it. I really need to get hold of some more as it does a great job at keeping dryness at bay. I just hope that they start to keep up with the demand as it's so annoyingly difficult to buy.

Botanics Ionic Clay Mask - Reviewed here. This has been my face mask of choice, once a week, every week for practically every week of 2013. I love that it doesn't break me out after using, keeps skin clear and also gives a tightened/uplifting feel for a while after use.

Botanics Organic Facial Oil - Read review here. 100% Organic, smells amazing, leaves skin really moisturised and a bit of a bargain compared to some other facial oils out there. I don't mind paying a lot for products at all, but I really think this delivers but without the hefty price tag.

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm - The first Cleansing Balm I've tried and I actually really like it. I've been using it for quite some time now and have repurchased quite a few times. I use this in the evenings and double cleanse, really massaging my face for quite a while on the second cleanse and the results are great. Yet to try a higher end balm, so will let you know how it compares when I do.

Philosphy Eternal Grace - I LOVE the Eternal Grace fragrance by Philosphy. It's now my favourite fragrance, it smells so clean and fresh. Not sure if I should say was my favourite fragrance - I've just searched and I'm not sure if it's been discontinued? I might cry.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap - Simone reviewed this here. My hair seems to have grown quite a lot in 2013 and I put that down to Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. I've used it pretty much every time I've washed my hair. You don't need a lot, so it lasts ages but it really helps to keep your hair in good condition.

Jergens Daily Moisture - I have used the Daily Moisture, Hydrates & Smoothes regularly throughout 2013. I love the fresh and clean smell, and that it rubs in so easily.

Nivea Lip Balm, Milk & Honey - I received a Nivea lip balm set last Christmas and this one has been my go to, all year. I apply lip balm regularly but this has lasted ages.

B. Rich Lipstick, Rose Quartz - A natural colour that I wore a lot during 2013 and should probably repurchase as it's going to run out soon. I find that I need to wear a lip balm underneath as it's a little dry but I love the colour and staying power, so I don't mind applying a balm first.

Sleek Pout Polish, Perfect Plum - For the days that I felt like a little more colour, I wore Sleek's Pout Polish in Perfect Plum. I'd say it's more of a berry shade when it's applied but I really like the colour. You can wear as a slight stain or you can build it up for a more intense colour.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Read Simone's review here. In my/our opinion, the best foundation ever. I use the shade, Rose Ivory. I think it's a great match and provides an amazing finish. It really is like your skin but better. The only thing I'll say is, that it's not great for dry skin.

Mac Eye Pencil in Coffee - Earlier in the year, I started to wear a brown liner instead of black. I really like the shade of this as it's not too harsh. The only thing is, I do tightline my eyes most days and it does transfer a bit.

Not pictured but worth mentioning, is the Weleda Wild Rose Cream. I've repurchased this a couple of times now and need to get some more. It's great for irritated skin and has a soothing effect.


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