Free REN Skincare set with Nov Issue of InStyle Magazine

I don't generally buy magazines at all, only occassionaly when I happen to spot them in a shop window with a good deal. The Novemeber issue of InStyle Magazine caught my eye with their free offer of a REN skincare set that was worth £12 - the magazine was £2. I hadn't tried anything by REN before, so thought this was a good chance to try some of their products out.

I've yet to try the Active 7 Eye Gel but I've just finished up the Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk. I've been using this for my morning cleanse and have really enjoyed using this, it's a lot quicker to use in the mornings than my usual balm cleanser. Although it's a cleansing 'milk', it's more of a cream consitency and it doesn't really emulsify, you just massage in and wash off. I've found it to be really gentle, it smells nice and fresh but not overpowering and I think it would be great for sensitve skin.

As much as I've loved the Cleansing Milk, I think I'm an even bigger fan of the Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream. Again, aimed at more sensitive skin types, this cream helps to calm any redness or discomfort. I can't really say that I have sensitive skin but can imagine that it would be beneficial to sensitive skin types - it's a very gentle cream, smells fresh but not too strong, is rich in texture but absorbs nicely without leaving skin shiny. I love the rich feel to it and think it will be great for the winter months. I'm thinking about purchasing the full sizes of both of these - will let you know what I think about the Active 7 Eye Gel once I've tried it out!

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