Collection Colour Pout Lip Stain review

Price: £4.99

Claims: Collection claim this "Vibrant, lightweight and long lasting, these lip-loving stains are easy to apply and give smudge-proof perfection"

Packaging: Like a lot of the latest lip stains available, this comes in a felt tip style pen.

Thoughts: If you're after a product that will stay on your lips all evening without needing any touch ups, then this is the one - I can apply this in the morning and it's still there at 2pm (the staying power even lasts through eating and drinking) so far I only have this in shade 'Kiss' so I can only vouch for that colour but I shall definitely be purchasing more. This stain can be applied more heavily, keeping lips parted whilst it dries or more lightly, keeping lips parted for a short while and then rubbing the lips together to blend the stain more - it's important to keep the lips parted a little first otherwise the stain budges too much and you end up with darker patches in places.

Pros: Really does stain the lips

Lovely sweet scent

Good value for money

Good colour range

Cons: The nib sometimes seems a little dry at the end but nothing a quick shake doesn't fix

Would I recommend this product?: Yes, in particular this shade. Its a great berry shade for winter months and has also looked great with a tan.

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