Changes to my skincare routine

I thought I'd share some changes that I've recently made to my skincare routine. Some self initiated and some influenced by the wonder woman, Caroline Hirons.

Bioderma - I've switched to using Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellaire solution to remove my make up. I've always used something before actually cleansing (double cleanse when I've been wearing make up & spf) as I don't like the feel of using a cleanser straight on make up. To me it feels like I'm just rubbing the make up into my skin. I think the Bioderma's helped to improve the appearance of my skin and I prefer it to the Simple eye make up remover that I was using before.

Flannels - I decided a while ago to stop using muslin cloths, which I'd probably been using for nearly two years and go back to using hot flannels instead. They feel softer on my face and I've also been changing them every single day as opposed to every other. I bought 9 from Primark, for £4.50

Exfoliating Toner - I've always used a toner in my routine (I don't understand how people don't use a toner - it feels refreshing) but it's always been a rosewater one. Using the Pixi Glow Tonic morning and evening before my rosewater toner has made a real difference to my skin (combined with the other changes I've made) and I no longer (touch wood) have any little dry patches and my complexion is a lot clearer in general. I plan on buying a better hydrating toner when my current rosewater one runs out - I haven't decided which one yet, though. You can read Caroline's views on toners here.

Indeed labs products:

Eyesilix - Amazing! The best eye cream I've ever used (granted I've not used that many eye creams but you actually see results with this)

Hydraluron - Along with introducing an exfoliating toner, this has also helped to lock in moisture and has kept my skin feeling and looking hydrated, and helped banish dry patches.

Pepta-bright - This has also helped improve the appearance of my complexion in general. I feel like my skin looks more radiant and I think it's also working on some areas where I have pigmentation/scars from spots.

Omega Oils 3, 6 and 9 - Supplements have always been a part of my skincare routine but I've recently added more fish oils to my routine as I don't eat fish at all. I think supplements take a while to get into your system but hopefully I'm benefitting from adding these to my routine.

Changes that I've made that are not pictured:

I decided a while ago to stop using Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser as I'd been using it for a couple of years, and although I like it, I felt that it possibly wasn't doing enough for my skin. I switched to a cheaper alternative, which I quite like but once I've used it up, I think I'm going to look at trying the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm.

Whilst I think a good skincare routine should help a great deal with the condition of your skin, I also decided to see if any foods etc. may be the cause of some of my breakouts. This was mainly inspired by Ruth's video on discovering that milk had been the cause of breakouts for her. Obviously, it's down to each individual and not everything is the same for everyone but I decided to try cutting out milk and just see the effect (if any) that it had on my skin. I don't actually like milk, so this wasn't a massive problem for me - I would have semi-skimmed milk in tea, smoothies etc. basically anything where you can't actually taste the milk. I'd been making a lot of smoothies with milk, so switched to soya milk (also in tea/coffee) and I really think that this has helped keep spots at bay.
I also cut down on cheese and found that on a particular day where I had unintentionally had cheese with every meal, I woke up the next day with no less than 11 spots. Most were small but two were quite angry. I really think all the cheese had something to do with this and have virtually cut it out of my diet.

Face Massage:
I've always massaged when cleansing but just with my fingertips. A while ago I started adding Caroline's face massage to my routine and I really think this has been one of the biggest reasons to the improvement that I've seen in the appearance of my skin. The bumpy texture that I had on my chin has all but gone and massaging my cleanser in really well is resulting in a clearer and healthier looking complexion all over.

I just thought I'd share these changes with you as my skin has never looked better and if you're looking to add in new products to your routine or completely change your skincare routine, then maybe these are some things you could consider trying. One of the main reasons for having a sort of 'overhaul' of my skincare routine, was that I was fed up of the constant breakouts (mainly jawline) that I was having and I'm so pleased that I've tried some of these things and added them to my routine as I have seen a huge improvement with my skin. I will get round to reviewing the products that I haven't yet! :)

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