Butter London 'Perfect Prezzie' Nail Lacquer Review

Price: £5.00
Size: 11ml

Formula: "butter LONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens."

Packaging: Rectangular shaped - glass bottle with black lid, which has a 'lift to open' sticker on. Once lifted, it has a screw top, which is shaped like regular nail varnish but is grooved, making it easier to grip to open.

Thoughts: 'Perfect Prezzie' is the first Nail Lacquer that I have tried from butter London. I really liked the deep red mixed with the gold shimmer. However, it needs a few coats to build up to an opaque finish and disappointingly, the gold doesn't apply as it looks in the bottle - it just appears to be more of a red with a metallic finish that has a hint of gold in. To me, it doesn't seem to last that well either. What I do like about it, is the packaging. The shape is so much easier to hold than a round bottle and the grooves make it so much easier to undo. If all nail varnishes were shaped like this, it would make them so much easier to store. I bought this in the sale for £5 and butter London nail lacquers usually retail between £10-£20, depending on the type you go for. I don't think I'd be willing to pay the full price but if I saw another colour in the sale that I liked, perhaps a matte one, then I would probably give it a go to see if it's any better than the metallic finish of 'Perfect Prezzie'.

Pros: Great packaging.

Cons: Colour didn't apply as it looked in the bottle and doesn't last that well.

Would I recommend this product?: I would recommend it for the packaging more than the colour but I would like to try a matte finish from butter London.

You can purchase butter London Nail Lacquers from: butter London & Boots


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