Superdrug Expertise Salt Spray review

Price: £2.49
Size: 100ml

Claims: Get salon results every time with Expertise salon styling. This salt spray adds fullness and texture to your hair to give you that ‘just off the beach’ look. Go with it.
Get professional help at any time with Expertise, the styling range for salon perfect hair. Add fullness and texture to your hair – as well as a rough and ready finish – with this light hold salt spray. Contains mineral complex and UV filter. Suitable for all hair types.

Packaging: 100ml bottle with a spray cap and clear lid. The salt spray has a good spray to it- I have read of other salt sprays not actually spraying evenly so well.

Thoughts: My hair used to be quite wavy but now that it is longer, I have pretty much lost the waviness I used to have. I wanted something to just give a bit of texture and to bring back some of that waviness. Unforunately, Superdrug's Salt Spray gave the texture (a little too much) but not the waves/beachy look I had hoped it would create. As I said above, the product sprays evenly but it dries crispy and feels like there's too much product in my hair, even when I use the smallest amount. I have still got this sitting in my cupboard and rarely use it as I just don't like the crispy feeling it gives my hair (plus it doesn't actually create any waves) but I have found that because of the sticky feeling this product has, it can be used almost as a hairspray and this is what I'm using it as every now and then.

Pros: UV Filter and a good spray cap.

Cons: Makes your hair crispy and doesn't create a waviness like you would expect a salt spray to.

Would I recommend this product?: No, it didn't really do anything to my hair other than make it feel as if it had a lot of product on.

You can purchase Superdrug Expertise Salt Spray from: Superdrug


  1. i'm quite gutted that you didn't enjoy it. i was thinking about getting it, because the idea of a salt spray sounds so dreamy and creates such a beautiful beach, golden goddess look in my imagination!

    it looks like i'll have to invest in a good priced salt spray to get the perfect results!

    1. I bought my sister the Toni & Guy salt spray for Christmas and it seems to be quite good-not expensive either! She'll do a review soon :)