Collection 2000 Supersize Mascara Review

Price: £2.99
Size: 8ml

Claims: Collection 2000 claim that this mascara "Creates bigger, bolder and super-sized lashes"

Formula: I found this mascara quite runny and although it has the larger wand I like to have when using mascaras, the formula didn't seem to work well with it and caused my lashes to clump up or end up all over the place.

Thoughts: Although I purchased this on a whim since my usual mascara was out of stock, I had high hopes for this one since other Collection 2000 mascaras I have used have been great - sadly this wasn't the case with this one. Once applied, within an hour the mascara had crumbled below my eyes as well as somehow making its way down my cheeks, which I found quite odd as the product itself was new and runny - not dried out at all. Needless to say, me and this mascara didn't get on well at all. I persevered using it for quite some time but after catching myself in the mirror to find I looked like a dalmatian too many times, I decided to call it quits and invest in a new one.

Pros: The only thing that pleased me about this product was the wand. It's just the kind of tightly compacted bristle brush you would expect with a mascara that claims to have a super volumising formula.

Cons: Crumbles under the eye and cheek area within an hour of application.

Doesn't volumise the lashes at all.

I got shade Brown/Black but I would say it was more Black than Brown.

Would I recommend this product?: I can't say I would recommend this product. My advice would to be spend a little more and invest in a mascara you know works for you or have heard great things about.

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