Clarins Instant Definition Mascara review

Price: £17.10
Size: 7ml

A couple of months ago, I was given a sample size of this mascara in black and I have to say, I've been really impressed.

The Clarins Instant definition mascara is said to have 'A two-in-one patent pending brush design which lengthens and separates every lash, even the shortest, and gives incredible wide-angled volume.Using the elastomer bristle tip, separate and define the shortest lower lashes at both the inner and outer corners of the eye. For lash perfect precision you can also use the tip to comb and place lashes one by one.'

It really does instantly define lashes, however I like to wear a couple of coats of mascara and it does not go clumpy at all. It's the patented double-brush that has sold it to me. I particularly find the smaller front part (the elastomer brush) of the wand great for applying mascara to the inner corners of the eye where it's sometimes trickier to apply mascara, without having the transfer from a bigger wand. It is also great for the outer lashes, which helps to widen the eye and for applying to the lower lashes without smudging. Using the smaller brush also allows for easy separation of lashes and individual application, as does the bigger part of the wand (the fibre brush) but instead, allowing for the coverage of more lashes at once.

You can see the brush below, as well as the effect it has on my lashes.

I've found this mascara to have a great lengthening effect and since I curl my lashes before applying, it holds the curl well, which usually drops with other mascaras.

Clarins Instant Definition mascara has never crumbled on me and lasts all day (and night) long. It is also easily removable - I use Simple eye makeup remover.

I could not recommend this mascara enough, it comes in three colours - Intense black, Intense brown and Intense blue. The only downfall for me is the price at around £17-£19, nevertheless I am still considering purchasing the full size and I think it would also make a great Christmas present!

Review by Sherrie

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  1. Great review, I haven't tried this at all but I love Clarins so much. There is nothing worse than a crumbly mascara! Also I'm intrigued by this brush!