Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara review

Price: £1.99

I've purchased this mascara quite a few times now and it's one that I know I can always rely on and go back to when I don't feel like testing out any other mascaras. It has everything I look for in a mascara; it’s waterproof, cheap and the size of the wand is perfect. I tend to go for larger wands and although this isn't as big as I usually like, it's still a reasonable size and it helps the mascara go on easily.

Boots claim that 'Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara defines the lashes at the same time as being waterproof and smudge resistant.' and I can't say I disagree. It has never smudged when I've been wearing it but at the same time, it can easily be removed with a makeup wipe.

Below are my lashes after a couple of coats.

As you can see, it both separates and lengthens my lashes and isn't clumpy whatsoever.

At £1.99 I think it's worth trying out as it's not often you come across mascara that's so affordable and performs really great, too.

Natural Collection products are available from Boots; they have quite a range of mascaras so if you're not after a waterproof one, then I'm sure all the others work just as well.

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  1. wow. good review and at that price, i have to give it a go!.

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  2. Great to hear that this does live up to its waterproof claims. So many "waterproof" mascaras actually aren't! £1.99 is an amazing bargain too. x

  3. Wow that makes your lashes look amazing! x

  4. never tried any natural colelction mascara...this sounds great!!

    steph xox

  5. Sooo jealous of your lashes. ;) Very pretty!

  6. will boots every open in asia? >.< without mascara, i think u already have great lashes!

    xoxo elle

  7. hey, thanks for the comment, lovely blog xx

  8. For the price, it looks like a great mascara (: Love your lashes <3

  9. pretty eyes !
    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  10. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. :)

    Your lashes look amazing with that mascara!

    It's unfortunate we do not get that here in Sydney.

    The Cat Hag

  11. amazing lashes!

    I adore your blog... I'm following!!

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  12. omg this mascara seems great! £1.99 is a total bargain! think i'll pick one up today...thanks for this post :)

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  13. I like this! cool! ;) I love the make up!

    thanks for your comment!

    grettings from Peru!


  14. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~