My makeup and beauty hates

I did my makeup and beauty loves so I thought it would only be fair to do my makeup and beauty hates, too. These are the things that bug me most when it comes to anything makeup and beauty related and some of it really really does bug me!

Firstly, I hate nude lips with a passion. I know many people love it but I don’t think it looks good on anyone at all. The rare occasion that it will look ok is in an editorial shoot and even then, I still won’t like it much at all. I don’t understand how anyone thinks it looks nice. I can understand in having neutral lips if you’re wearing a lot of eye makeup but you don’t need to have them looking completely nude as if you’ve covered them in foundation and powder. I can’t understand why anyone would purchase a lipstick in this shade purely to wear alone. I’ve never liked it and never will and I always cringe when I see someone walking around like it thinking it looks lovely, it doesn’t.

For the same reasons I really don’t like it when people don’t apply any colour to their cheeks. You only end up looking ill in my opinion. If you’re going to apply foundation and everything else then at least apply a little colour to the cheeks.
(This is the best image I could find but I'm sure you get my point.)

I know a lot of people love them but I can’t stand long fake nails or even real ones for that matter. I don’t bite my nails and can easily grow them really long but I just think it looks tacky (plus they’re annoying!) I also can’t stand nails that are too curvy, like below. They need to be slightly squared off a little. I admit I’m hard to please when it comes to nails, I don’t even like my own half the time!

Lastly, well, obviously there are other things I don’t like either like not matching your foundation correctly but this one will be the last I put here anyway and it’s unshapely eyebrows. A lot of the time when I see them, they’ve clearly been over plucked but other times I often bump into the same people who’ve had the same shape for years and it’s just totally wrong for them. I can usually see the shape they’re trying to create but they often end up with something like below instead. It’s a lot better to go to a professional if you can’t create the shape you’re after rather than end up with dreaded tadpole eyebrows.

What are your makeup and beauty hates?

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  1. I have to agree with all of these, especially the nude lips one! I just can't understand the trend for 'concealer' lips, I really can't...

  2. I cannot pull off concealer-nude lips. Peachy/pinky nudes are lovely though!

    Eyebrows...for sure. Hate rounded eyebrows...doesn't matter whether they're natural or plucked funny I just can't stand them! Always give the person a constant look of surprise.

    Don't like long nails to the point where they curl. Uncomfortable and yuck.

    Really...really hate thick highlights. If they're a bit quirky and there's just one or two, fine...but a head full of thick 2 inch blonde highlights on dark hair is just yeuch and outdated!

  3. Ahhh the eyebrows! I'm a fiend when it comes to that, I always notice eyebrows and if they're tacky, it bothers me so much!

  4. I'm a complete culprit of the nude lips, mine are naturally really pigmented and dark red so I use them to lighten them up a bit so they're not so garish! Agree with the false nails though, I don't understand the appeal in having really long fingernails x

  5. Not having matching foundation is also a pet peeve of mine. Its amazing to see women still sporting a two tone look LOL! Great post XOXO

  6. i agree. i also hate when girls make their eyelashes look like spider legs... *shudder*

  7. agree to all ,,
    1- i cannot function ( use my blackberry , laptop or even apply makeup ) with long nails

    2- i have tattooed eyebrows ,, so obviously in a " Devil style " thats the straight line eyebrows ,,, hateee em .. and girls think they so cool .

    3- not matching foundation ,, esp when ur tanned ! ,, and end up with a white face and dark body

    4- lining ur lips with close to black liner and not filling them in ,, so dark line and pink lips ,, no no ,, ppl who still do that ,,, do they really feel pretty ?

  8. I think nude lips are on of those things that work just in an editorial and u can't translate them into real life ( same way like u can't translate some runway looks into real life). It is just for show.
    Fake nails am not even getting into...
    Agree on all counts! :-)


    + + + + + + + + + + +

  9. love this post! haha those eyebrows are beautiful...! I do like nude lips though and false nails can look so tacky! xx

  10. I hate it when girls just put on too much make-up, even people with acne don't have to cover all their face, see the tutorial of Lisa Eldridge: I like it a lot.


  11. I completely agree with you!!! Fake or long nails are so tacky, I don't like them at all :/


  12. Dani - I really can't either. If they were meant to be that colour, they would be!

    Chrissy - I agree, Peachy/pinky nudes are lovely, although I don't like wearing them much myself and nails that curl? Yuck! Also don't like thick highlights, why not just have a whole head of colour if they're going to be that thick?

    Aimee - I always notice them, too. You can't help but imagine how much nicer they could be can you? haha.

    GoldenGlow - I envy you, I would love for mine to be naturally dark!

    Venus In Virgo - It is, I think they must get ready in the dark or something and thanks!

    Aubrey - I forgot about that, I also hate it, especially when someone is clearly going for the natural look and then they have obvious spider legs lashes.

    Princess Feef - Ah yes, I hate that, too. I think some people are still stuck in the 90s!

    Maya - So true!

    Adele - Haha aren't they just!?

    heylila - Very true, less is definitely more when it comes to make up and I shall have to check it out!

    Stavroula - They are, I struggle to see what's appealing about them at all to be honest.

  13. hahaha
    I completely agree with you at all points except the cheeks. As I usually put my make up in last few minutes I always forget about blush. But I still have my natural blush after running a little to not get late. So I just trying not to use lots of make up on my face
    Oh and I HATE fake nails! Everybody who think it can looks nice or beautiful (common people are you blind? it's sucks!) are just diots or don't have taste at all.
    Better to have short tidy nails than long claws-liked ugly acrilic monsters )

  14. Couldn't agree more with the entire post lol! Hate nude lips yuck!

  15. I agree with everything you wrote! Especially the blush thing. If I didn't apply blush I would look like Casper!
    I hate when people don't blend their eye shadows well too!

  16. I don't think I can really add anything to this list, I agree with everything.
    Although I hardly ever wear blush, but then again I don't wear foundation either so I guess that's ok then;) And I don't like it when blush is overdone either, so I'd rather stay a bit more natural.

    Oh, what I personally don't like seeing is people who only wear mascara but then lots of it. I don't think it adds anything and it's so hard to recognize them when they didn't have the time to put it on one day.

  17. Ah, one more. Silver eyeshadow only on the lid and not blended at all. No one looks good with that!

  18. I find the eyebrow section highly amusing. And i agree to the ill-looking without blusher part. Although i don't like overdone ones either.


  19. I cannot stand unshapely eyebrows either, especially if they're tweezed pencil thin! And fake nails are beyond tacky. Another beauty no no that bugs me is when people wear eyeshadow only without mascara or eyeliner!

    Finally, I've been looking for a good beauty blog! Thanks!

  20. hahaha those eyebrows are terrible! that is just the most unfortunate thing a person can do to their face...other than facial tattoos

  21. long fake nails.grrrrr...hate them!!!!

  22. i agree with the unshapely eyebrows, i call them upside down nike ticks and they really bother me, i can not look at a person and take them seriously when they have those eyebrows. It should be made a public crime and punishable!