My makeup and beauty loves

I'm sure like most people when it comes to makeup and beauty, there are things you either love to see or totally hate; whether it’s on yourself or someone else.
I thought I would share my makeup and beauty loves. These are the things I like to see most when makeup and beauty products are involved:

Firstly, I love red/berry lips. Even just a hint of colour is better than nothing. A must have step in my makeup routine is applying at least a lip balm with a hint of red in and it can't be sheer either, it must show up on my lips or at least have a slight noticeable change in the colour of my lips. The only problem is that whenever I see anything even slightly close to this favourite shade of mine, I want to buy it even though I know I have so many that are virtually identical already.

I also love rosy cheeks. Any colour on the cheeks is better than nothing at all in my books but pretty rosy cheeks are my favourite.

I love eyeliner. No matter how hard I try not to apply it to my waterline, I always do. I don't know why but I've done it for so many years that I just feel like I don't look right without it or as if I look half dead. I've tried so many times not to apply it but right before I'm about to go out the door, I end up putting it on. I'm sure as I get older I won't be able to get away with it looking so harsh and shall have to tone it down a little but for now, I just can't help myself!

I love ombre/gradient nails; the colours here in particular.

Lastly, I love long and voluminous hair. Hopefully it won't take much longer until mine reaches my desired length.

What makeup and beauty looks do you love or just can't help yourself from doing every day?

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  1. I love the rosy cheeks! Great post :)

  2. I love all the looks that you posted here! =)) Especially the first picture. OMG, I wish I could pull off berry lips, thick eyebrows and rosy cheeks like that.=D
    anyway, on to the question, I can pretty much live without applying make-up on..but if I have the time, I like to go rosy cheek and a 'my lips but better' lip look.
    Look that I it possible to post picture in comment? haha..I like the innocent look. With bright eyes, pink-pouty lips and light blush.

  3. I totally aggree with the lips! I really like there to be a hint of darkness because I think it makes the rest of your face seem a little more flawless :) x

  4. I agree with everything on that list. The one with the rosy cheek I thought you were going to say braided hair until I scrolled down to read.
    And voluminous hair is just so sexy! XOXO

  5. Love this post! I adore berry lips and rosy cheeks too, especially when the weather's colder, it just contrasts nicely to the horrible dark weather :)

  6. It is almost scary how much alike you and I are.. I love EVERYTHING you have listed here :)
    I also love the goth look :) Yes, it may be awful for some, but I have friends who wear it with grace and I have seen many people here where I live who look like dark fairies with their pale skin, dark red lips and black lined eyes :) I love it :)
    When it comes to hair I love long hair with a lot of volume, but I also love short hair.. if it suits the person :) I dont look good in short hair though :)


  7. Hi! I really like your blog! New follower! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

  8. aisyah - I'm sure you could or just do one at a time! You could post a link to a picture :) sounds lovely anyway.

    Justine - I agree, especially on people with pale skin!

    Venus - I do love the hair, just not on me. I still think I prefer the voluminous long hair over braided hair, though. It looks great on everyone!

    Dani - So true and in warmer weather, you can get away with just the berry lips and rosy cheeks alone, without doing anything else. :)

    shortylegs - We must have great taste haha. I like the goth look, too. I don't agree that you shouldn't wear such dark eyes if you're going to have red lips, it can still look great. I don't like my hair short either, although it can look great on some people!

    Marella - Thanks!

  9. I love that nails look-if only I could recreate it!!!

  10. I love the first two, red lips are gorgeous :)


  11. Great post! Love the pics, especially the first one and the nails, so unique!

  12. I love eyeliner. It's the one makeup item I could never give up. I've been wearing it on my waterline everyday since I was 16. I look weird without it! xx

  13. Gorgeous images :)
    the first one is stunning x

  14. Beautiful :))))))))