Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream review

Price: £1.50
Size: 75ml

When it comes to caring for your skin to prevent any signs of aging, people often concentrate more on their face, forgetting other areas of the body that also give away tell tale signs. One area often forgotten is the hands. There's no point trying your hardest to postpone any signs of aging in your face if you're not going to take care of your hands. I think the images below prove this.

I've always made sure I apply hand cream at least once a day. I mainly apply it before going to bed but try to throughout the day if I can, too.

I've tried many hand creams but haven't found one in particular that I feel the need to purchase again & again.

Recently I've been using Inecto's Pure Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream. I picked this up as it was cheap and I like the smell of coconut. It certainly does have a strong coconut scent, albeit a little fake. I also trusted it would be good as I have used a couple of other Inecto pure coconut oil products in the past.

The packaging reads "Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream contains 100% coconut oil To help Nourish and moisturise rough, over dry hands. Directions: Massage onto hands and nails as often as required." I'm not entirely convinced it contains 100% coconut oil but it works well enough for me. My hands are left feeling very soft and it's also helped banish the dry skin I tend to get around my nails. Another bonus is that it doesn't feel greasy at all. I don't think anybody likes a hand cream that lingers around on your skin for quite some time after applying it so this does just the job, especially when you don't have the time to put your life on hold waiting for the cream to soak in.

Overall, this is a great hand cream and is very affordable. The 75ml tube is also a great size for carrying around in your handbag, too so I would definitely recommend this.

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  1. Where did you buy this, if you don't mind me asking? I'm a hand cream junkie lol, and as I love coconut this would be perfect!x

  2. I think a had cream it's important. But spf is even more.. I always make sure I put some spf in them ans them moisturize (:

  3. What a great review, and you have hit the nail on the head when it comes to over looking your hands. I use to work for Lush, and my hands got really bad because they were never out of water. I'm loving the price of this too, I'm using Soap and Glory at the moment as I love the smell. xx

  4. I got it from Bodycare. I know you can find it in other shops like Savers, too. Not sure if Boots & Superdrug have it, though.

    Good point! I always make sure I use spf on my face & forget about using it on my hands.

    I love the Soap and Glory one because of the smell, too but I think this works just as well & the price is a bonus!

  5. OMG! Are those really their hands! Your right, people tend to forget about the hands and the neck area as well. I'm gonna go lather some of my fave Illaria hand cream on right now LOL! Thanks for the review. I love anything coconut. Every time I go to the Body Shop I grab a few Coconut body butters. It's very rich XOXO

  6. Yup, they really are. I think I shall go put some on right now, too after taking another look at the pics!

  7. Omg these pictures are scary!! :/ I love the smell of coconut! :)

  8. I'd love to be motivate enough for hand cream but I never remember it!!!

  9. Ooh I love coconut :)
    Im using a hand cream from Dermosil called Primo Hand Cream Walnut :) It is amazing :)
    A friend of mine uses a hand cream from The Body Shop that contains Hemp.. Ive tried it and the hands gets SO smooth :) (it stinks though :P)
    The walnut one that I have smells wonderful :)
    Then I also use another one.. it comes from SPAresource and it is a Sweet Tangerine hand cream with shea butter :) AMAZING scent :)

    oh and btw,
    Those pics are really scary :/

  10. Eek! Them some scary hands!! I should use hand moisturiser more often, they often get neglected dont they!

  11. i bought my creme from the 99p store , an its if u find it..STOCK UP!!! :)

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