Natural Collection Nail Colour in Café Manicure review

Price: £1.79

This shade of nail polish is my all time favourite. You can apply as many coats as you wish until you achieve your desired colour. If you apply just one coat, you get an almost clear effect with a hint of peach. When applying two coats you can see a lot more of the peach showing through and when applying three coats, it starts to give more of a solid colour. I've never applied more than three coats but I would be quite happy to as this polish isn't too thick and applies evenly. It is the perfect consistency and great quality for its price.

Below I have applied two coats. (The picture doesn't do this justice)

I have a couple of other shades of nail polish from the Natural Collection and they all have the same great coverage, only requiring two coats.

I have gone through about two bottles of this already. They aren't the largest in size but they aren't absolutely tiny either and last a reasonable amount of time when applying regularly.

This shade in particular would be great for work or to smarten up any outfit. You can win this in my giveaway here.

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  1. Looks like a great natural nail polish!

  2. might need to give these a go:) xx

  3. this shade looks so natural and lovely :)

  4. I like how different coats change the colour, not bad for £1.79! Also you mentioned on my blog that you can never get the Mushroom nail polish..

    Ta da! :)


  5. It is a great polish, definitely worth trying for the price and thanks Jess, didn't realise you could buy it offline!

  6. Really cute packaging and I love the look of it :) Natural can also be very beautiful :)
    Oh and the Nivea lipsticks are now up if you want to check them out.. I think you will like some of them :)

  7. This is such a chic colour. I love nude-ish nail varnishes - they always make me feel so grown up.

  8. Its a shame because they chip so easy :-(